Some men may find that some or all of their penis is hidden inside a fat pad below the pubic bone. This condition can be very embarrassing and frustrating and lead to other functional issues. But why does this happen? What can be some serious consequences of having the penis buried under this lower abdomen fat? Does your penis grow when you lose weight? And, most importantly, how can this be corrected?

What is a Buried Penis?

Buried penis is a condition in which a normal size penis is hidden under the skin or fat of the lower abdomen, thigh, or scrotum, which is the sac in which the testicles lie. This condition can be present at birth but it can also develop later in life. For men with a buried penis, some or all may seem to be out of sight, especially when the penis is flaccid. 

What Causes Buried Penis?

A buried penis may happen for various reasons. The causes may be: 

In any case, the penis does not project or protrude during its flaccid state (when it is relaxed and not aroused). Buried penis may also make the penis appear shorter than it should during sexual arousal. 

Effects of Buried Penis

A buried penis is not only a cosmetic complaint. A buried penis can have a serious impact on a man’s physical and mental health and even affect the quality of their relationships. 


Physiological problems that stem from a buried penis include: 

Psychological problems that can be a result of a buried penis include:

The condition may also lead to problems within the relationship, as the physiological and psychological effects of the buried penis may make sexual intercourse very difficult or impossible. This can lead to conflict, resentment, and frustration. 

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How To Fix A Buried Penis?

If a buried penis is caused by excess fat, it may make sense to think that by losing weight, more of the penis will become exposed. So, does your penis grow when you lose weight? If a man is overweight or obese, it is always a good idea to lose weight for the many health benefits of being fit. However, weight loss alone may not solve a buried penis and surgery may be needed. The surgical removal of the fat that hangs down from the lower abdominal area or the one that sits on the pubic bone may be performed to correct the issue and expose the penis.  

Buried Penis Surgery Near You

Regardless of the severity of the buried penis, it is always a good idea to keep a healthy lifestyle and weight. Besides talking to your primary care practitioner or urologist about a buried penis, sex therapy for men or psychological counseling may also be a good idea to address the effects of this condition on your confidence, well-being, and relationship. Book an appointment with one of our specialists to learn more about penis surgery cost and preparation.