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Dr. Tangie has given me my life back! Now I can enjoy intimacy again.

D. Martin, Plano, TX

I was suffering from ED after prostatectomy. Other doctors did not offer any real solutions besides taking a pill. Dr. T made a plan so I could recover my sexual function.

G. Parks, Irving, TX

After 11 years of marriage, my libido was down. Dr. Tangie helped me regain my sex drive.

A. Engles, Dallas, TX

My problems with intimacy had nearly ruined my marriage of 11 years. Very nervously, I called Dr. Cuascud at Texas Sexual Health for help. I did not know where to go and I knew I did not want to rely on pills, besides, I knew my problem was not just an erectile malfunction so I wanted to work with a professional who would look at my situation from every angle and help me with the physiological, the mental and the emotional aspects of my intimate life. Right away, after meeting Dr. Cuascud, she made me feel very comfortable. In fact, I was always looking forward to my next session with her! Not only Dr. Cuascud helped me have my erections back; she also helped me regain my confidence in bed and in life. I can’t thank her enough.

T. Smith, Fort Worth, TX

I had problems with premature ejaculation that after I divorced I wanted to get under control so I could go back to the dating scene. Premature ejaculation had eroded my self confidence and made me very reluctant to pursue relationships with women. I made an appointment with Dr. Cuascud and right away she made me feel comfortable. She not only helped me better control my sexual response, she also taught me to enjoy intimacy in a different way. I am ready to not only start dating but to start enjoying life and all it has to offer, thanks to Dr. Cuascud.

D. Glackson, Lewisville, TX

I had a problem with erectile dysfunction after prostatectomy. That affected my intimacy with my wife and my self-confidence. I wanted to recover my sexual function and my ability to give and receive pleasure after surgery. Dr. Cuascud started me on a penis rehabilitation program but she also taught me how to look at sex and intimacy in a whole new way by learning about different kinds of pleasure for myself and my wife. I cannot thank her enough for giving me my life back!

W. B., Dallas, TX

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