In the realm of sexual wellness and pleasure, certain practices often remain under the radar due to cultural taboos and lack of mainstream discussion. One such practice is the penis massage, also known as lingam massage, a term derived from the Sanskrit word for penis. Dr. Tanginika Cuascud, a board-certified clinical sexologist and sex surrogate at Texas Sexual Health, men’s clinic in Irving, Plano and Dallas, sheds light on this ancient technique, emphasizing its relevance and benefits in contemporary sexual practices.

Origins and Understanding of Lingam Massage

Penis massage is far from a modern novelty. The practice dates back thousands of years and is deeply rooted in the tantric traditions of Hinduism. According to Dr. Tangie, lingam massage transcends mere physical stimulation, offering a profound pathway to explore pleasure, intimacy, and emotional release.

Why Consider a Penis Massage?

Dr. Tangie outlines several reasons why individuals might want to incorporate penis massages into their sexual repertoire. Firstly, the experience is inherently pleasurable. The penis, being an exceptionally sensitive organ, responds vividly to varied strokes and pressures, enhancing arousal. Secondly, the practice is a powerful conduit for building intimacy. By engaging in a penis massage, partners can experience a form of vulnerability and trust that strengthens their emotional connection. 

This activity does not necessarily aim for reciprocation, which allows the receiver to fully immerse in the sensations and the giver to devote their attention to the partner’s pleasure. Thirdly, the potential for achieving multiple orgasms is a significant aspect of penis massages. Dr. Tangie points out that while the goal is not always to elicit orgasm, the practice can help individuals learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation, potentially leading to multiple climactic experiences without the finality of ejaculation.

How to Massage a Penis?

Dr. Tangie emphasizes the importance of communication and consent when initiating a penis massage. Partners should discuss their intentions, boundaries, and comfort levels openly before beginning. The setting should be private and relaxed, free from interruptions. The use of appropriate lubricants, such as coconut oil (barring any allergies), enhances the experience. The massage should not be limited to just the penis but should include the entire genital area, including the perineum, scrotum, and testicles, as well as the inner thighs. Gentle, exploratory touches are recommended to start, gradually building in intensity and focus according to the receiver’s feedback.

Is a Penis Massage Right for You? 

Dr. Tangie, as a sexual surrogacy professional, advises that anyone interested in exploring lingam massage should ensure they and their partner are comfortable and willing. Clear, enthusiastic consent and ongoing communication are crucial to a positive experience. There are no strict guidelines or expertise required to perform a penis massage; it is accessible to all who are interested.

In conclusion, Dr. Tangie encourages those curious about this practice to consider exploring it responsibly and openly. She advocates for a broader discussion about male sexual health and practices, aiming to destigmatize topics like penis massage, therapy for ED and promote a more informed and pleasure-positive perspective on sexuality. 

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