May is National Masturbation Month! Yes, an entire month dedicated to fostering understanding and acceptance of this important aspect of sexual wellness. So let us unravel why self-pleasure is spotlighted during this month and why this celebration is of the essence.

The primary aim of Masturbation Month, started in 1995, and it was created to highlight the importance of self-pleasure for both health and wellbeing, and also to chip away at the myriad of taboos and shame surrounding the topic. It is not a subject to be hushed down or a practice to be suppressed. It is a normal, natural, and healthy expression of sexuality. 

Let’s set something straight—masturbation is not just an act, but it is a form of self-care. It provides a chance for you to explore your body at your pace, figuring out what feels good and what doesn’t. It’s like a reconnaissance mission where you are both the explorer and the terrain to be discovered. It can also be an excellent way to alleviate stress and even help you sleep better. 

The celebration of Masturbation Month also serves to disseminate accurate information about masturbation and debunk the many myths that surround it. Some people fear that it may lead to erectile dysfunction or reduce sperm count; however, science tells a different ¹story. In fact, regular ejaculation, through sex or masturbation, has been linked to a lower risk of prostate cancer.

The beauty of self-pleasure lies in its versatility. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, in a relationship, young or old—masturbation is a joy that everyone can partake in. Plus, it can also enrich your sexual experiences with a partner by increasing your understanding of your sexual responses.

It’s never too late to start exploring yourself. If you’re new to this, take it slow, and remember there is no ‘right’ way to masturbate. It’s about what feels good for you. And if you’re already a ‘seasoned professional’, consider trying something new. Experiment with different techniques or introduce toys into your routine. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life!

Just as we embrace open conversations about other aspects of health—like diet and exercise—it’s crucial to discuss sexual health and masturbation freely. By doing so, we can promote more significant acceptance and understanding, helping each other lead healthier, happier lives. So, let’s break down these barriers together and embrace the spirit of Masturbation Month.

Masturbation is, in essence, an act of self-love, a celebration of your body and its capacity for pleasure. So, this May, take some time to engage in this personal celebration. Discover yourself, pleasure yourself, love yourself, and most importantly, enjoy yourself. After all, you deserve it!

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