Masturbation Before Sex: Is It The Ultimate Sex Life Hack?

Explore the intriguing concept of masturbation as a potential game-changer in your sexual experience. Dive into an insightful discussion on the potential benefits and considerations of this practice, offering a fresh perspective on achieving sexual satisfaction and enhancing your intimate encounters. Get ready to redefine your understanding of pleasure with this groundbreaking exploration.

Self-Pleasure Takes Center Stage In May: Find Out Why!

Immerse yourself in the revelatory journey of self-discovery. Unpack the importance of self-love, specifically focusing on the benefits of masturbation for overall health, wellness, and relationship satisfaction. Discover why the month of May is the perfect time to prioritize pleasure and cultivate an intimate relationship with yourself.

Sex Can Be Foreplay for Masturbation

When we think about sex, sex with another person, that is, we all know (or should) that the preliminary acts before penetrative sex or the grand finale (an orgasm or a few, for many) are as or more important than the penetrative sex per se.

Do You Need an Erection?

Many individuals who are experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) don’t have sexual activity anymore because they cannot reach an erection. When asked if they engage in other sexual activities, other than penetration of a penis in a vagina, they often say no and blame ED for their lack of a sex life

How To Tell Your Partner You Want KINK!

Some people are afraid of the mere mention of the acronym BDSM or the word Kink. Some associate BDSM with abuse while others fear that it is only something done to give or take pain. However, BDSM stands for many things and sexual and non sexual practices that intrigue, attract and even arouse people.